The Nitty Gritty Backstory!

In 2016 I started actively working on my own self development because I was stuck in another job that I hated. I took the job because I was fired from the last one, which I hated as well. It was a repeated cycle of taking bad jobs because they paid well, which is ironic because I was an IT recruiter, and my literal job was to help people find awesome jobs!  

I had always dreamed about being my own boss but could never actually make the leap. I can’t even count how many domain names I have bought and own from ideas that never came to fruition.

Nothing changed for me until I started working on my own growth.  I began investing in coaches, courses and countless books but most importantly was that I was investing in MYSELF.  

And that is when things started to change for me!

I have manifested a move 4 hours away with no jobs lined up, sold our house the day after Christmas and made over 50k on it to the first person who looked at it,  bought a farmhouse on 20 acres (need nature in my life), traveled a ton, manifested amazing friendships, opened up three of our own businesses and so much more!

I have put in the work (and still always working on me) and I know how it can change your life. I won’t say it was easy, but it is simple.

This is how I figured out and basically reverse engineered my process.  I lovingly call it practical magic!  The reason being is that you activate the magic in your life with practical and easy action!! 

And no honey…no one around here is about that 24/7 hustle life.  But you will have to jump so that the universe can catch you in her loving arms! 

By using my techniques and tricks it’s wild what can happen in a short amount of time when you’re ready to do the work. You are already a total badass babe!! I’m just here to help you realize it and to see yourself as the magical gorgeous creature that you are!!